Thursday, September 25, 2008

Formal Night

So, at this work retreat I am at, we have been having A LOT of meetings/sessions. I have been so tired because they have gone so late and we have had to get up so early. It's been crazy! Not to mention I do not sleep well while I am away from home and my family. Can't wait to get in my own bed tomorrow!! Which will not actually be until REALLY early Saturday morning being that my flight does not get in until almost midnight!!!!

Tonight we have a formal dinner. They are calling it PROM. HAHA....The dress is better than Sunday up to evening wear if you want to go that far. I did have a dress I was going to wear, but then received an email from someone about dress code, and my dress was on the "do not wear list." It was not not inappropriate, but they do not like strapless, so I left if at home. I opted for my black cocktail dress. Hope it works. Basically I look just like my profile picture with my husband (dressy picture not the margarittaville picture) with DARK brown hair. YES, I dyed my hair......I LOVE IT!

Well, I have to go. Short meetings in the morning, then we leave for the airport. Can't wait to be home!!!! :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Training is over and now we are in Utah

Well, my first week of work went well. I think when it comes time for me to start doing my job (next Monday), I will be fine. I will have plenty of questions, I am sure, but I learned a lot in the 2 1/2 days I had of training.

We are now in Utah for winter retreat. I am not sure what all we are going to be doing and learning here, but it should be fun. We don't have anything going on today, so I am in the hotel watching Dancing with the Stars and trying to find One Tree Hill.

My kids were so sweet when I came back. Kaitlyn was SO happy that I was home. I think Tyler was glad I was home too, but he shows it differently. He clearly did not want to be in the car seat anymore. All he did was scream and cry on the way home. If I would look at him out of the corner of my eye then I could see him crying so hard reaching his hands out. It really was sad. I think part of it had to do with the fact that he was tired too.

When we got home they both just layed on me and hugged and loved me. It really was sweet. Kaitlyn even said, "Next time when you come home, you have to bring a bear for Tyler." I guess she wants to make sure Tyler gets his own present this time. I didn't really think he would care, being that every time I try to give him a stuffed animal to play with, the thows it. Oh well.

I do not know how busy this week is going to be, but I will try to write more. I am sure you do not wish to hear about our boring training sessions, so I will try to keep it short.

Until then.....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1st day of training!

Yesterday was my official start date at my new job, although the entire day was spent flying from Jacksonville to Birmingham, AL. When I got there though, my boss picked me up and we drove to the hotel to check in and went to eat. I guess I slept O.K., but you know how that is when you are in a different place, especially by yourself.

Tonight should be a lot better because we worked for a LONG time today. My hips hurt so much from just sitting down. I wish I had my bath tub here so I could take a nice bubble bath.

Today was just a bunch of training and basic stuff. Tomorrow, I forcast for things to get a little more technical, but we covered A LOT today! The bad thing is that I do not get to go back to my office next week and actually start applying things I learned this week. We will be out of town yet ANOTHER week for National Conference. I am not really sure what all this consists of, but I think it's mostly technical stuff based company wide. We do more district and regionally located conferences come January that is more targeted to our area and needs. Should be fun.

So, so far so good. I think I will like this job.......I do miss my kids though. I have talked to Kaitlyn last night, this morning and now tonight. My husband send me an email telling me he has a new found love and respect for me because he has had to do all the things that I just "take care of" that he doesn't even realize need to be done. It's sweet. I miss him too and I know he is doing a great job.

I will write more later when I have time. But just wanted all of you to know that things are going good so far........

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I made it through the week

I just have to say, More power to the stay at home moms!! I am sure that I could do it if I had to, but there are times that I am glad that my family NEEDS me to work. That is a horrible thing to say isn't it? I feel bad for thinking that, because I do love my children and I enjoy the time I have with them. But, I have ADHD, and I can not stand to be cooped up or not doing something. I constantly have to be on the go, and with 2 little ones, sometimes that is hard.

One thing I did from the very beginning, was not try to make a routine of nap times and just go when I needed to go. Sure, there were days that we did take naps on schedule and things like that, but it was much easier to have kids that could just go with the flow. Babies are usually good with that, because they sleep anywhere. Kaitlyn never really had a problem with that, and even when she got a little older and would not sleep in the stoller, she would either sleep in the car seat on the way home, then go down for a nap or just take a nap when we got home. She was never really a cranky kid if she missed a nap.

Tyler on the other hand is a little bit different. If we are in the car long enough, he will fall asleep, but that is not the best place for naps. I think I also discovered this week he will not take naps in the stroller anymore......NOT GOOD. Unlike Kaitlyn, he DOES get cranky if he does not have a nap. Fortunately, he has gone to taking only 1 nap a day, for several hours. That is what they do at school, so he has adopted that behavior at home too. This actually works out well, because I usually just make sure I am home right after lunch time to get a good nap in. Let me tell ya though, I had this whole week off of work, and had LOTS of plans of things I needed to get done, but didn't get too much of them done after all. I even attempted a pedicure and manicure while having them with me, and let's just say that I only got to get a pedicure. I might be insane for taking them with me, but they really are pretty good in public. It was just lunchtime and naptime all at the same time, so the nails would have to wait.

Next week, Tuesday to be exact, I am going to start my new job. I am really excited about it. The only thing I am not overly excited about is that I will be out of town the 1st two weeks, but I do come home for the weekend in between. Not that I don't want to go out of town, but I am going to miss my husband and kids. I will fill you in on how the training goes.

I get to enjoy one more day of no work on Monday, but this time it will be without the kids. They start their new school tomorrow, and I am glad that I will actually be here to take them and pick them up tomorrow, that way I can hear all about their 1st day (well from Kaitlyn anyway).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bad Blogger

Once again, I am a terrible blogger. I have a notion that the weekend is going to be the only time I am going to be able to blog for the next few weeks/months. I do need to figure out how to blog from my blackberry (aka, crackberry), so that when I am out of town, I can blog. I do not know that I will have my laptop with work yet, nor will I even know how to use it at the hotel. Oh well.

Friday was my last day at work!! Boy am I excited. I was very nervous to tell any of my customers, because a lot of them might have not even decided to buy their cabinets from us (since I was leaving), so I only told the ones I thought needed to know. I still find myself thinking about all the things that need to be done on the jobs, as if I still work there. I guess it is not my headache anymore. I am sure I will stop worrying about it soon. It's ut hard, because I was tehre for o long.

I think I am going to like my new job. I am sure it will take me a little bit of time to get used to it, but I am sure it will be fine. I will be out of town the first 2 weeks I start, but when I get back will be the true tell. I'm sure it will be fine. I am just going to miss my family while I am gone!

I also had a recipe to put on Nikki's Recipe Fun Friday thing, but I didn't even have time to share it. Oh well, I will do it this week.......Saturday, I have my 1st Pampered Chef Party, so pray everything goes well......Maybe I will have a new recipe for the next week as well......