Friday, March 26, 2010

Alexis is 1 month old

I can not believe my baby girl is 1 month old!  Heck, I can't believe my other baby girl is 4 and 1/2 years old and my baby boy is 2 1/2 years old.  Time sure does fly by fast.

Alexis and Kaitlyn had check ups at the doctor this week.  Kaitlyn is 37 lbs and 40 3/4" tall.  She is now in the 50% for both height and weight.  The last few check-ups, she had only been in the 10% for her weight, so I am pleased that she is now back up to 50%.

Alexis weighs 10 lbs 12 oz and is 21" long.  She is in the 90% for both!  All of my kids started out at "chunkers" but Kaitlyn thinned out a little.  Tyler is still a little "solid", but that's o.k., because he is a BOY, and boys are SOLID! :).



  • is in preschool and learning to write her name. 

  • she loves to spell out any word she sees on her daddy's t-shirt

  • loves playing games on MeMaw's I-phone and can figure them all out pretty quickly

  • has started a little pouchy lip, pouty thing since the new baby has come home

  • is a picky eater, but is starting to try new foods when I cook dinner

  • is a very good big sister helper!

  • really enjoys "girl days" or outings with just her and me and Lexi

  • is in preschool learning letters and colors and shapes
  • is very sensitive
  • starting to talk a lot more
  • has started to need a little more attention since new baby has come home
  • loves spending time with daddy and throwing the football
  • says he is going to play football when he gets bigger
  • will eat anything you set in front of him
  • is starting to potty train
  • is very fascinated by his new little sister
  • is starting to understand "boy vs. girl" and "sister vs. brother"

  • is starting to get on a 4 hour schedule for feeding and sleeping
  • likes to stay awake for about 2 hours before morning and afternoon nap
  • is starting to "coo"
  • recognizes mommy's voice and looks for me when she hears me, if I'm not holding her
  • gets a "knowing" look on her face when she sees me and sometimes will smile
  • loves to be held and to sleep with mommy

It's interesting to see each kid at the stage they are in.  The other two, you can tell, need some attention, but we are trying to make sure we give them all equal attention.  They definately love helping mommy when it comes to the new baby....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Which The Landakers Learn Many Things While On Vacation

For Spring Break, we took a trip to Southern New Mexico!  We drove down on Thursday and went rockhounding in Rincon, then spent the rest of the day camping at Aguirre Spring Campground in the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces.  Friday we headed east, stopping to play at White Sands National Monument before heading up to Spruce Cabins in Cloudcroft.  The drive from Alamogordo to Cloudcroft was beautiful, with a gradual transition from high desert to pinon juniper to ponderosa pine forests (and NM's only highway tunnel).  We had planned to play in the snow, but we ended up just hanging out at the cabin instead, and had fun despite everyone being a little under the weather.

So here's what we learned on our very educational trip:

1) You can clean up just about anything with water and paper towels, especially if that's all you have.  Anything you can't clean up, you can wrap in a plastic bag and save for when you get home (whee, presents!).
2) Vacationing while sick is not as fun as vacationing while well, Nyquil and Dayquil notwithstanding.
3) With the right portable chair, traveling with a bad back need no longer be as painful.
3) Strong wind is a lot more noticeable when you are sleeping in a tent and it pulls tent stakes out of the ground, doubling your tent over onto itself.  It tends to wake you up.  Also, the sound of approaching wind is much like the sound of an approaching locomotive (sans whistle).
4) While the incredibly soft gypsum sand of White Sands looks rather like snow, a toboggan-style sled does not work for sledding down sand dunes.  Even saucer-style sleds had some trouble, as the sand is much less obliging than snow, obstinately sliding out of the way (like dirt before a bulldozer) instead of letting you ride roughshod over it.  However, it is quite fun to dig and play in.
5) You can play hide-and-seek in a 300 sq. ft. cabin.
6) Alamogordo's Space Museum, while interesting and informative about humankind's space exploration, does not have much entertainment for the under 6 crowd.  Fortunately, Alamogordo has a wonderful park (Kid's Kingdom) that does.
7) Playing in the snow sounds much more fun when everyone is well and snow clothing is not buried in the car under camping equipment.  Checkers is a fun alternative.
7b) Camping equipment for 5 people is a LOT of STUFF!

Sunday Supper: Keepin it Real Edition

Yesterday we celebrated the first day of spring with skies like this:

sunny-day And temperatures in the mid-70’s. We played outside, and the kids got “country feet,” and their hair smelled like grass and sweat, and they had dirt under their fingernails. It was good stuff.

Then we woke up today to this:


Rainy and COLD. So there would be no country feet, no smelly hair, and no carefree giggles.

Plan B: We took the kids to see this:


Which I have to say is funny. I sort of want to read the books. But the pictures are distracting to me. Is that weird? I’m finding that the older I get the easier I am distracted.

Like now. See I’m distracted just talking about distraction.

Then we ate a late lunch here. It’s the only one outside of Texas. We feel special, or maybe we feel gaseous; the jury is still out on that one, but I’ll let you know how it all comes out.


And since we ate Mexican late in the afternoon, I didn’t see the point in cooking a big dinner. So I made this:


And AC and Coach ate eggs and waffles. And life was carbolicious. So we all sat down and turned on Discovery to watch this:


And I was immediately burdened because…


this sweet thing was being chased down a precipice by a red fox. Did I mention that said sweet thing is a newborn? He’s less than twelve hours old and having to run from a fox. That’s messed up.

Which is only one of many reasons I take issue with the food chain. I’d go on about it and talk about survival of the fittest and Social Darwinism and the like, but Coach just thinks I’m being ridiculous.

He may or may not have rolled his eyes at me when I asked where Sweet Thing’s mother was and then went on to blame the ills of the food chain on poor parenting by African mammals.

But there are things he doesn’t know about me.

Like how I traumatized my parents and possibly scarred them emotionally because I spent most of 1974 asking when I could go be with Jesus.

They thought I was fascinated with death.

Actually, it was because I had seen a special edition edition of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom where they talked about Gorillas. When I asked if I could have one, my dad told me they were dangerous and didn’t really prefer people. So I asked if they would be nice in Heaven. He said yes.

Which explains why I wanted to be with Jesus. It was because I wanted a pet gorilla. Still do.

But I digress; back to Sweet Thing being chased by a hungry fox. Turns out, he was able to outsmart the fox and save himself for a better day.

And sadly, I, like the fox, was also unsuccessful in securing a delectable dinner.

Which explains the Mac & Cheese.

See y’all!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost 1 month old

I can't believe little girl is almost 1 month old, but she is still SO tiny, but yet growing so fast.  The last few days she has decided that nap time will not happen until after lunch time, which means that she wants to be held for the majority of the time until then.  Whenever she does act like she is falling asleep and I lay her down, she will wake up within minutes.  I have got to break her of that!

We are still getting up every 2-3 hours at night, but I am proud to say that I am still nursing.  Both my other two were on the bottle by now, but I am determined to keep going.  She is a great nurser, and although she has recently started to spit up, it's not anywhere NEAR as bad as Tyler was - which made me stop nursing him.

My days are pretty much spent holding/playing with her, sometimes napping with her, entertaining the occassional visitor(s), running a load of laundry (or 2), putting away laundry, doing dishes, and trying to clean up at least a little bit and organize something.  Today, Salvation Army is coming to get a whole bunch of stuff out of my garage, too bad it's not stuff in my house that will make it look like I did something today.

Tomorrow, I am going to tour another daycare.  I don't even want to think about having to put her in daycare, but I have to find a place.  She won't actually start until May 24th, but I need to find one that I like and start the process before then.  I go back to work 4 weeks from Monday, and my husband will be home with her for 4 weeks.  I then have to go out of town for work, but I am taking her and my mom with me, so she will be just over 3 months when she starts daycare.  Too bad I can't find a friend close by that wants to keep her.

Well, that's it for now.  Sorry if my posts are boring, I don't do much these days - but thankfully Angela came to visit today - with sweet baby Dallas too.  It was a nice visit, and we will have to do it a few more times before I have to go back to work.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clash of the Titans

When I was in middle school I fell in love with the movie, Clash of the Titans. I was fascinated with the power all the Greek goddesses had, and how they sought such creative revenge on the gods that crossed them summoning the Kraken and shooting thunderbolts from their hair. And all the while they managed to be beautiful and glittery. It also came on HBO 12 times every Saturday.

Sometimes I imagine that Coach and I are Titans. It's just more fun that way.

They have remade the movie, and I feel compelled to see it, because I come from a long line of strong personalities. I'm pretty sure Coach does too. There's a propensity there. Things can go

Now understand, we rarely fight. And when we do fight it is usually over trivial things that really don't matter anyway. He just has a need to be right sometimes and has a hard time accepting that I'm always right.

Anyway, when we do argue it's loud. Never disrespectful, there's no name calling or face making or cheap shots. We do fight above the belt, but it's loud. Partly because Coach bellows naturally and partly because I hate when people won't listen; so I just keep increasing the volume until they don't have a choice.

But again, we don't fight over anything of any consequence. For instance, we had a bit of a tiff today because he tried to compare the extreme strain of squatting (with weights) to child birth.

And I'm sorry, but one cannot compare voluntarily putting weight on one's shoulders and then simulating sitting in a chair to say, squeezing a watermelon through a buttonhole.

It simply isn't the same thing.

"But" he insists "there have been men who have prolapsed while squatting."

If you don't know what that means, let me explain it to you the way another coach and a student explained it to me...

"It's when your butt explodes outward." (Seriously, that's what they said...with straight faces. They've never been more serious.)

All I can say is this - Don't even get me started on all the things that prolapse and explode outward when you give birth. Your rear-end is the least of your problems.

Top that with an infant that is completely dependent on you for life, sleep deprivation, hair that falls out in handfuls, clothing that is covered with baby excretions, and a general sense of profound discombobulation, and I can assure you that there isn't a weight lifting exercise in the land that can be compared to childbirth.

I know. I've squatted before. I've given birth. NOT THE SAME THING.

But occasionally, the arguments will take a more serious turn. And I'll get upset because he loves the Dustbuster more than me, or because he clucks in his sleep, or he'll get upset because I left the cabinet doors open and he cracked his head, or I moved one of his shoes so that it's no longer perfectly parallel to its mate, and then the world gets knocked off its axis which gives Al Gore more fuel for his Global Warming theory...and you know- it just goes on from there.

So last week during an argument over M&M's or whether or not Mack is getting too fat I made this statement...

"You just think I'm being moody and controlling."

To which he was supposed to reply "No I don't. I think you're tired; it's nothing a little jaunt to a Mexican All-Inclusive resort without children won't fix. I'll rob a bank and we'll go next week."

Instead he said "Yeah, you are being a little moody and controlling."

It wasn't his best move.

And in a moment of power and clarity, I remembered my love of the power mythical goddesses and simply bellowed...

"RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" And the wind roared and the sky darkened and monsters were released in a fury and all was about to be right with the world...

And then Coach shot thunderbolts from his eyes...

And then we sat down and watched CSI and lived happily ever after...

See y'all!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tip of the week

According to the dishwasher guy, you only need to use about a tablespoon of liquid automatic dishwasher detergent.  Then you don't get that yucky buildup in the dishwasher.  It is still a good idea to run a white vinegar-only cycle every once in a while to clean it out, though.  Not using as much detergent is better for the environment, too!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Honesty...It's Such a Lonely Word

A funny thing happened last night. I picked up an old book and started to read it again because I just loved it the first time. It might be Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin...or it could be Albert Camus' masterpiece, The Plague. Sadly, you'll never know. Or maybe you will when you read the rest of this post.

The first time I read it was for our neighborhood "book group." And by book group, I mean a group of women who showed up with said copy of book and a deep desire to drink Mimosas and talk.

Anyway, I was newly divorced and all the girls were in full-on "Pick Her Up By Her Bootstraps" mode. I couldn't have been more excited. Because all of these girls were talented in either fashion or socializing. Frankly, after being married for ten years and trying to raise two small children, fashion and socializing were really not anywhere on my agenda.

Thus the list.

We all decided, and by "we all" I mean everyone in the room but me, that it was time for an extreme makeover. I was 32 at the time, and absolutely convinced that I was far too old to EVER have a life that didn't include Gymboree and Martha Stewart.

I have never been more wrong.

It started out innocently enough. One of the girls said, "you need to make a list of things you would normally NEVER do, and then you just need to do them. Don't think about it - just get crazy and complete the list."

I have a feeling that many a life has crumbled to ruins after a statement very similar to that one. Thankfully, I was somehow spared from massive injury or loss of life. I was not spared humiliation and minor injury.

And in one of my most genius moves ever, on the inside of my book, I transcribed a list of very "unTraci-like behaviors" devised by six women who had been loved well by a pitcher or six of Mimosas.

The List
1. Brazilian Wax - Yikes! "Go big or go home" they said. Actually they probably should have said "Go bald or go home." All I'll say is this - it took all six of us going together. We grabbed lunch together afterwards. I would have preferred not going big, but rather going home. So I did. And I may have cried just a little.

2. Buy an outfit from Bebe - I did it; I have no idea why they thought that channeling Eva Longoria would somehow restore me to my former self, but whatever. I did it, and wore it to dinner with one of the girls. While we were eating, a man asked me if I wanted to shoot pool with him. Tragedy.

3. Get a New Fitness Routine - the word "new" was superfluous as I had no fitness routine to speak of. Turns out, that was sage advice. My best friend gave me a chocolate lab puppy - so we took up running. I lost 22 pounds. And we met a nice personal injury attorney who loved both his convertible Mercedes and his expensive shoes. Curiously, he loved very little else. Score.

4. Micro-Dermabrasion - Okay, I have to confess that at the time I had a very unhealthy obsession with the size of my pores, and I thought I was seeing the beginning of a wrinkle. So, I used some alimony money to have my face sand-blasted. After three days of molting, my pores were indeed smaller, and an unfortunate wrinkle disaster was averted.

5. Music- Get an iPod - seriously, it says "get an iPod." And the rules were that I could not load one Veggie Tales song on it, not even my favorites. And they put a quota on Amy Grant. And no Dora the Explorer either. Uggh. They were so hard to please.

6. New Cocktails - I can only assume that I was to learn to make new cocktails. One of the girls was married to old Savannah money. She is the most incredible hostess I've ever known. She suggested the cocktail tutorial, you know for when I landed the big time attorney or heart surgeon that they were sure I'd meet. I never really did this one. I did learn to open a bottle of wine on my own. Does that count?

7. High-heels - My mom is laughing right now. She has affectionately called me "Grace" my entire life. It's an oxymoron. Remember, I have a Harry Potter scar on my rear-end from a rafting incident this summer. Heels might not be a prudent choice for me. But, again, I did it. Not only did I do it, but I did it along with the outfit from Bebe. (See #2). I'll remind you, a man asked me if I wanted to shoot pool with him. Enough said.

I have to say, 7 years later it was much fun to find this old list and remember a surreal and somewhat humorous time in my life. And I have to appreciate that underneath it I had written the word Hoochie Mama.
I have no idea why I wrote that, maybe I thought the new neighbor was a hoochie mama. Maybe it was the first time I'd heard the term and it was a reminder to go home and google it. Or maybe, it was a fear that if I kept listening to the Mimosa gang I'd turn into one. Who really knows.

All I can say is this- it's a good thing Coach came along when he did, or I'd be wearing white stretchy jeans and heels while playing pool with a dubiously dressed man in a little sports grille down the street.
See y'all!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Supper: Edition 27

Woo hoo! We sprung forward. I've never been so glad to see the clocks change, and since it was still cold and gray outside I stayed in sweats on the couch all day and watched old movies... and by old movies, I mean movies from 2001.

I also slept off and on for the better part of 5 hours. And I'm okay with that because the past two weeks have been full of many things: grading, working, freezing at track practice, coughing, wheezing, and parenting. What they have not had much of: sleeping.

There also hasn't been as much cooking as usual, but like I said, the last two weeks have been full, so we ate a lot of Subway sandwiches and leftovers because trying to find new Weight Watchers friendly recipes proved to be too much.

Tonight it was just Coach and me, so we had steak and stuffed mushrooms.

My entire life was spent eating steaks on the grill. I had never really had them any other way. And they were...okay. And then Tyler Florence changed my life. He said never EVER grill a steak. Instead, sear it. Mmmm mmm.

If you try this once, I promise it will go on your list of all things sacred and holy. Searing them makes a crust on the outside that is beyond fabulous and it holds all the juices in the steaks and makes them so moist you can cut them with your fork.

Seared Steak
4 steaks (or however many you need - I buy either ribeye, strip, or filet)
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper
granulated garlic
butter OR olive oil

Sprinkle each steak with kosher salt, pepper, and garlic. Do this on both sides. Heat up either a skillet or a griddle and melt butter or heat olive oil (depending on which you decide to use). When the butter/oil is heated sear the steaks on one side for 2-4 minutes, then flip and sear the other side. Depending on how done you like your steaks you may or may not want to put them under the broiler for a few minutes. Generally, 3 minutes on each side makes for a rare/medium rare steak. 4-5 minutes under the broiler will cook them through a little more if you prefer.

And now for the stuffed mushrooms. I've been craving odd foods and by odd I mean things like pickled okra, mushrooms, large slabs of beef (thus the steak), grape kool-aid, and Buddy shakes. (I'll explain those in a minute) . So, I looked for some stuffed mushroom recipes. I originally planned to have three different types of stuffed mushrooms, but Coach didn't seem to be nearly as enthused as I was, so I went with steak and brie stuffed mushrooms. In case you're wondering, I found these on Ree's website. We are faithful Pioneer Woman fans.

Ree's Brie Stuffed Mushrooms
1 package White Button Mushrooms, Washed And Stems Removed
butter (3-4 tablespoons or more if you'd like)
4 cloves minced garlic
1/4 cup Italian parsley, chopped
5 green onions- chopped
1 small wheel of brie cheese
splash of white wine

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Melt butter in large saucepan. Add mushroom caps and toss to coat in butter. Sprinkle lightly with salt and cook for 1 minute. Remove mushrooms from pan and place upside down in a baking dish.
In the same saucepan (without cleaning it) throw in garlic, parsley, and green onions. Sprinkle very lightly with salt and splash in wine, if using. Stir around until wine evaporates, about 1 minute. Remove from heat.
Cut rind off of brie wedge, then cut pieces of brie to fit each mushroom cap. Place inside, lightly pressing to anchor each piece of brie.
Top mushrooms with parsley/garlic mixture.
Place into the oven for 15 minutes, or until brie is melted.

And now for a bonus (well, I like to think of it as a bonus, Coach finds the next "recipe" a bit weird)

My grandmother, who we called "Buddy" used to make these "shakes" for us.

Buddy Shake
Chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt (I've been using frozen yogurt)
Milk (I use 1%)

Scoop as much ice cream into a cup as you'd like. Simply pour milk over the top and eat.

Sounds weird I know, but the milk crystallizes and gets crunchy and I cannot tell you how much I love these. I've eaten one each evening for the last two weeks- I swear it's helped my weight loss. Again, weird, but I'm losing 2 pounds a week consistently.

Now, go eat until you're slightly sick. Have a great rest of the evening.

See y'all!

Friday, March 12, 2010

had to climb the ladder, but FAO Schwarz came through

After much frustration and many phone calls, I finally resorted to a "Clark Howard" tactic and searched for an executive email to contact at FAO Schwarz.  I was able to contact Claire Babrowski, an executive VP who forwarded the email to William Butler, the store director in NYC.  I received a phone call from Mr. Butler at 9AM the next morning.  He was very apologetic for the lack of customer service and response from the usual route.  Although all I wanted was the information to acquire another wheel for the doll stroller, he insisted that sending a new stroller was the quickest way to resolve the issue.  We received a new stroller the next day (a Saturday, no less).  He was very polite; I hope he can resolve whatever problems the customer service center is having.  Ms. Babrowski is to be commended for sending the problem along to someone who actually took action (and for responding in the first place).  A great big THANK YOU from Lily and her mom---she is back in action!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Long Posts

I just looked back at my last two posts and realized how long they were.  I don't know how I even found the time to type such long posts with a 2-week old.  Well, I do know how - I wrote them while she was napping, when I should have been napping too. 

I have been bad about not sleeping when she sleeps, then wonder why around 4-5:00pm I can't keep my eyes open.  Alexis is a good baby, but contrary to popular belief that newborns sleep all the time - this is not true of my daughter.  This morning, she got up at 7:30, and was awake until 12:30 pm.  She slept until 3pm, but then was up again until 5pm.  Just about the time that I think I am ready to go to bed (around 10pm), she wakes up and decides she is not going to go back to sleep until midnight.....

Today I decided to stay home since I have been going non-stop since Monday.  Although, I did not take a nap with her, we still snuggled in bed and relaxed for a while.  I did try to get a few things done when she took her nap(s), and was able to get a little bit done.  Too bad my house does not look like I have accomplished anything - still working on projects. BUT, I did make dinner!!! :)

Tomorrow, we are going to lunch with MeMe and Tiffany, but we will try to get a nap in for mommy at sometime............

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Because I'm Tired

Because I'm tired, I will subject you to a list of momsense.

1. Tuesday morning I was jolted awake at 3:30 am with a charley horse in my calf that can only be described as mind numbing. Coach was jolted awake approximately 4 seconds later by a screaming wife, which also can only be described as mind numbing. Then he tried to rub it out, at which point he may or may not have been punched by said screaming wife.

Approximately 2 seconds after that Coach was snoring soundly again. But not me. Oh no, I saw stars, had a ringing in my ears, and had a hot flash...and heart palpitations. Then it took me another 45 minutes to calm down enough to go to sleep...just in time for the alarm to go off.

2. I walked with a limp all day Tuesday...and today.

3. To which my track girls asked me what happened, and forced me to tell them that I hurt myself sleeping. SLEEPING. PITIFUL.

4. And then they laughed and said they thought that only happened to old people. And one girl told the story of how her dad pulled a muscle in his thigh while sitting and eating chicken wings. And another girl said her dad broke a rib while sitting at his desk at work (although there was a faulty spring in a chair back that apparently catapulted him into the side of his desk). And still another girl talked about how her mom tore a ligament in her foot while polishing her toes. And then I didn't feel so bad.

5. Until one girl said "Old people are always getting hurt doing nothing...Oh, sorry Mrs. K- we don't think you're old...old is like 35 years're not old"

To which I replied, "No, apparently I'm four years past old. Now, go run."

6. And then I came home and checked my e-mail, and I received this little gem from a freshman who wants me to recommend him for honors history next year...

"I am trying to get registered for Honors History.. I need a reconmendation form my English and Histroy teacher. If possible please send one to me by breack tomorrow."

Umm, yeah. I'm probably not going to do that. But I might do a lesson on the virtues of using spell check.

7. And then I took a hot bath to ease the throbbing of my calf, and now I'm going to 8:45...with all the old people.

See y'all!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 weeks old....

Today, Alexis is 2 weeks old, and she is already growing SO much.  I just love spending my days with her.  So far, they have consisted of the following:

  • Awake around 7-7:30 to eat (that's after waking up several times through the night - but this is when we actually get up). 
  • Play for a little bit, then take a nap - sometimes I join her, sometimes I don't. We are also usually watching "Saved by the Bell" and "Fresh Prince" at this time.
  • Mommy eat Breakfast - sometime around 9am
  • Do some laundry/dishes/or work on a project
  • Alexis wakes up and eats and plays some more
  • Eat lunch around noon
  • Alexis takes another nap - sometimes mommy too :)
  • Wake up for a bit - kids come home from school and get baths before getting to play with Alexis
  • Dinner with the family - Alexis is usually sleeping again
  • Wake up and play until around 10-11pm
  • Sleep - she wakes up around 12:30-1ish, depending on when she went to sleep, again at 3ish, and again around 5:30ish.  It all depends on what time we actually go to bed and how well she sleeps that night
I am stilly trying to figure out a night time routine that will 1. help her to sleep longer, and 2. keep her from sleeping with me.  Granted, she is only 2 weeks old, I don't want to start a habit of her sleeping with me (although it's so much more fun!).  We have some good nights and some bad night.  And shen I say "bad" it's not really bad, she just wakes up more often.  I don't really let her cry (at night), so when she starts to make noise and get a little fussy, I go a head and get her up to feed.  My husband is working, and the only way I can keep him from sleeping on the couch is to keep her as quite as possible.  So far, so good.

Saturday I had her take her naps in our room where it was nice and quite.  I need to let her get used to sleeping when there's not a lot of noise, because at night, it's very quite.  The 1st few nights home, my husband did sleep on the couch, so I slept with the TV on, and it's usually on all day long.  The only problem is, I like to keep her close to me while she is sleeping during the day, so that means she is usually in whatever room I am working on, and the TV is on.  This week we are going to continue the naps in our room, but also try to get her to actually sleep in the bassinet.  She has been sleeping in the car seat, so I am going to try to get her to sleep in her bed.  Soon, I will let her sleep on her stomach (please don't gasp, my other 2 were tummy babies, and if you ask your mom - SO WERE YOU).  I don't know that I agree with the whole "on the back reduces the risk of SIDS."  In fact, if you research it, many will tell you that they don't know that it actually does reduce the risk.  My son spit up so much all the time that there was NO WAY I was going to let him sleep on his back and have him choke.  Luckily, she does not spit up much, but as long as she can move her head - which she already can, then I am fine with it.  They actually sleep much better that way too!

Alexis is so alert all the time now, which surprises me that she is only 2 weeks old.  She likes to look around at things (as long as you are holding her).  She is even drawn to the light from the TV and will stare at it. 

She's getting so big already too.  Her cheeks are so fat already.  Did I mention that I LOVE staying home with her????  I still have 6 weeks left to go, and I am soaking up every minute of it.  I do not want to go back to work - it's not even funny.  I get very sad when I think about it, so I try not to.  I wish I could find a work from home job - one that does not require me to sell anything, or go to school for......there has to be something out there!

Here are some pictures of her from this week.....

Sunday Supper - Foodless Edition

Well, it's been a wild week at our house. It's a culmination of blessings and activities that have us all out of sorts. First, the sun came out. Which is funny because I was absolutely sure that we were officially in the land that sunshine forgot, so I celebrated with a sinus infection and a little bit of walking pneumonia.

And both of those diagnoses are really awesome because it's the end of the quarter at school. And for those of you who are not familiar with what that means exactly, it means this: 57 essays on Romeo & Juliet.

Soooooo, I'm enjoying the gloriously warm and sunny weather through the window while I grade and wonder what we can eat for dinner.

Honestly, we'll probably go out, because Coach has spent his weekend being the ultimate soccer dad at a soccer field an hour away which has kept us from having much family time, and G was swamped with homework, and AC, well, she had some serious socializing to do.

So, we'll probably just head down to our favorite mediocre Mexican restaurant where Coach and I will enjoy exactly 12 tortilla chips with salsa, and then we'll feast on 2 flour tortillas, 4 ounces of chicken with grilled onions and peppers, more salsa, and I will be the weaker of the two and have some cheese, because I have earned cheese.

And then we'll come home so that Coach can add up his Weight Watchers points and I can read more essays, because it's spring and that's how we roll.

Stay tuned- now that the quarter is almost over- I have some really great stories because while the writing has been sporadic and flat, life has been anything but.

See y'all!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

FAO Schwarz

Customer NO-service, to steal a line from Clark Howard.  I have been trying to find out how to get a replacement wheel for Lily's doll stroller for 6 weeks now.  Once again, I was put on hold.  After 30 minutes, I hung up.  I think I am going to find out the direct line to the CEO and see if that helps!


A surplus of personality. That's what we're calling it. Energy that knows no bounds.

She can bring the Energizer Bunny to its knees. She can destroy a room in 5 seconds flat. She thinks spelling is trivial; math is anything but concrete; and rules...well they are for other people.

But. BUT.

She wakes up happy and ready to head out into the world EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Oh sure, there are days when she tells the P.E. teacher that she can't run because she sprained her thumb while brushing her hair. She claims that a poor grade on a spelling test happened only because she didn't have her pink pencil, and HELLO...only when she writes with the pink pencil does she take her time, because pink makes her happy and regular pencils are boring.

But, the one constant in her life is ENERGY. The child is ELECTRIC.

If only she could charge up her mother...

See y'all!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We have a baby!

O.k. this blog is a little past due, but I am sure my "readers" (which I am pretty sure are only two people), completely understand.

Alexis Grace was born on Feb 21st @ 6:38pm. This is an extra special day, because she now also shares the same birthday as her daddy. Although he was not too thrilled with the idea at 1st, I think he has come to terms with it. It's not like you really get a birthday anymore, once you reach a certain age - and he is WELL past that age :).

The last month of pregnancy was a little rough. I was very uncomfortable, and was having contractions off and on. We actually went to the hospital twice thinking we were in labor, only to find that I was just having contractions but not any more progressed than I had been. This was very frustrating to me, because I had a previous C-section, and we wanted to try for a "regular" delivery this time. The only way to actually do that would be if I was in "progressive" labor on my own. There was nothing they could do to help put me in labor, because it could cause serious problems.

Each week I went back to the doctor, and there was no change, not to mention the pain of her having to check, because Alexis' head was in the way, and my cervix was "post terior." Not a good combination.

Sunday, Feb 21st, I started having contractions, in fact, I had some during the night that were strong enough to wake me up. For those of you that don't know me very well, I could sleep through just about anything, so the fact that they were waking me up meant they were stronger than normal.

Around 12:00, they were about 3-4 minutes apart. We watched them for the next couple of hours, and my husband even attempted to take a nap. The pain was harder than labor pain was with my daughter, but we also didn't want to go to the hospital and be sent home again. We had a C-section scheduled for 2 days later, if we did not have her already. About an hour later, they started getting closer. There was a constant "pressure", but strong pains around 2-3 minutes apart. I decided to call my doctor.

My doctor was not on call that day, but the girls in the office had told me to leave her a message and she would call me back. The message sounded something like this...."I have been having contractions for the past few hours 3-4 min apart, and now they are more 2-3 min apart. I don't really know what to do, I don't want to go to the hospital and be sent home. Can you please call me back?" (with tears in my voice too). Thirty minutes later, no call - so I called the doctor on call.

The answering service answered the phone, and I started to tell her about my contractions; she proceeded to put me on hold. I was SO UPSET. I just really felt like no one cared at that point. Not to mention that my husband had called his mom around 12ish to see if she wanted to come spend the day with us and have dinner for his birthday, and be there just in case we needed to go to the hospital. By this point, it was around 3pm and she was still not there.

The doctor on call called me back and talked to me a bit about what was going on. He also informed me that he does not usually do VBAC deliveries, or even offer them to his patients because of the risks. I told him that at this point I didn't care how we had to get her out, I was just in a lot of pain and was ready to get her out. He told me to go a head and go to the hospital.

3:30 rolls around and Brian's mom is just down the street. We went a head and got in the car and were ready to back out of the driveway as soon as she pulled in. At this point, I was beyond frustrated. We get to the hospital - I sign in. The girl at the front desk asked if I had been there before because I knew what to do....UHHHH Just a few times!

They sent me to triage and the nurse came in to start doing her thing. She hooked me up to the monitors and started monitoring contractions. After a few minutes she came back in and started updating my chart...asking me all kinds of questions that they never asked me the other two times I had been there. She made me VERY happy when she said she was "banking on me staying." Whatever she told the doctor, it worked. He said we could go a head and plan to have the c-section in an hour - should have been around 5:30 pm......

One little problem..... I was sick earlier that week and we were not sure if it was the flu or what. I still had 2 days of the medicine she gave me, so he wanted to do a "quick" swine flu test. SERIOUSLY.....I was FINE. I was really only down for one day, no way I had the swine flu. This quick test took 30 minutes.

6:15 pm, we were ready to go. I was in the O.R., had my spinal block and was ready to begin. At this point I was VERY nervous. I don't know why, I was just anxious to hear my little baby cry. Not that I like it when babies cry, but if you have had a child, you understand that that is the most blessed noise you can hear when they 1st come out. I could feel all the tugging and pulling and then they asked my husband if he wanted to see - they had her head out. He looked over the curtain, but I still could not hear any cried. I asked the anesthesiologist if she was going to cry, and he informed me that they were sucking all the stuff out so she could. Few seconds later - there it was. One more big push on their end and they pulled her out - 6:38 pm

They took her over to get her cleaned up, cut her cord, get her stats and footprints while they finished up with me. That time seemed to take FOREVER, I just wanted to see her. They finally brought her over to me, and she was absolutely beautiful. I was so glad she was FINALLY here!!!!

Here are some pictures of my beautiful baby girl........

We came home from the hospital on Wednesday, and I have been enjoying spending time with her ever since.  My recoupe time has been MUCH better than my 1st C-section.  I have not really been in nearly as much pain as I was with Tyler.  This is our 2nd week of Maternity leave (I am taking 8 weeks), and we are just enjoying our time together while slowing doing little projects around the house.  I love being a mommy!