Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aliens, Horror, and Dead Tree Comics

The boys turned Sapphire into a turtle

Sapphire: "My doggy wants you, mom!"  Mom: "Get in line, doggy."

Quartz: "What would happen if you ate a bug?  What would happen if you drank pee?"

Onyx:  "I made up this game.  It's called Ae-wi-wens [Aliens] Attack.  You have three lives.  You charge up your powers by not stepping on the lines on the tile.  I have all my powers!"

Guest staying with us (to kids): "Please don't do anything to horrify me."

Wes: "Comics in the newspaper are the ones that weren't funny enough to be on the Internet."

Onyx: "I love everyone in our family, but you are my best friend, Sapphire."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Travertine Waterfall Hike & Father's Day Card

First, if you have small children that haven't done Father's Day cards yet, here is a little Father's Day sheet I made.  You can fold it in half, write "Happy Father's Day" on the front, and have your child fill out the inside (or fill it out with them).

Our hike started out badly.  Sapphire had fallen asleep in the car, so she was quite grumpy when we arrived at the trailhead.  "My feet hurt!  Carry me!"  I did end up carrying her for most of the hike, but she stopped crying . . . I'm never sure if I should just be tough and tell her she has to walk, or if I should just enjoy snuggling with her while I carry her around.

Things livened up when we found this snake sunning itself on the path.  Looks like a gopher snake?
 We also went and found a geocache; I should have looked at the terrain difficulty first (4 star), as it was quite a trek uphill amidst cactus and rocks and loose dirt.  We made it, though, and right by the cache was this cool cactus flower (looks like a claret cup?):
Sapphire somehow got some tiny cactus spines all over her rear, so I carried her the rest of the way to the waterfall.  It was pretty wimpy, but there was running water and greenery.  The boys loved climbing to the top of the waterfall and climbing back down.
 Sapphire liked eating her lunch by the "caves".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Portal Cake and Cliff's Amuseument Park

A friend of ours had a birthday last week, so we decided to surprise him with this Portal cake:
I thought it turned out pretty good, though if I made it again I might use darker frosting for the borders of the portals.

On Friday we went to Cliff's, Albuquerque's amusement park.  While it is certainly smaller than any other amusement park I've been to, it's well-kept and has a good variety of rides, and most importantly, the lines are short!  Onyx and Sapphire loved the carousel and the bumper cars, and Wes and I took turns riding the thrill rides with Quartz.  His favorites were the Rattler and Galaxi roller coasters.  My favorite was the Cliffhanger.  I think Wes' favorite was the log ride.
Onyx was big enough for some of the more exciting rides, but he didn't really like them.  He said of the log ride, "That was kind of fun.  I think I want to do that . . . maybe once a year."

We had lunch before we got to the park, and then left around 4 to have dinner at Taco Cabana.  Since the park is so small, the parking lot is also small, and it's no big deal to leave and come back.  After dinner and a few more rides, Onyx and Sapphire went home to bed with Dad, while Quartz and I rode until it got dark and we got tired.  Quartz, of course, didn't admit he was tired until he was in bed, but he actually slept past 7am the next day (a rare occurrence).